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I have switched from SuSE to Mandrake and have updated the Linux Software page accordingly. Along with this switch went an upgrade from KDE 2.x to 3.0.2
For those who want to visit us, I have added a Route Finder. But I'd still appreciate an advance notice. ;-)
Postings in the FlI4L newsgroup indicate that people find it rather difficult to install and configure opt_dyndns since the new maintainer choose to remove the configuration program. To ease the pain I have written a small utility GenerateSecret which generates the secret needed for opt-dyndns.
I recently stumbled over an article in a Borland newsgroup which in turn pointed me to another article posted on the Borland Community website. This inspired me to start using C++ like Templates in Object Pascal and to write my own article about it (in German only, but there is a link to the original article at the end).
You might have heard about the severe flooding in eastern Germany. I would like to help a little by urging you to give some money to the victims (Spendenaufruf, in German only).
The page looks different again, maybe I should stop reading the articles on web design in c't magazine. ;-) In addition there are some more Bookmarks.
I have just realised that on my links page I still had links to the WikiWiki and a local copy of my home page both located on my router. These are of course no longer available because I don't have flat rate internet access any more therefore I have removed the links.
But to make up for it I have added an interesting link to an article called "The case against C". This article is already a few years old but unfortunately still valid.
These pages now use cascading stylesheets for formatting purposes. I hope people using older browsers can still read them. I have tested Opera 6.0, Konqueror and Netscape 4.78, all under Linux, and Lynx (textmode). They all looked OK. Netscape and Internet Explorer 3 and earlier will probably garble the pages, but I have stopped caring about theses fossils.
I said it before, but because I have just terminated my flat rate Internet access it becomes more important:
I have stopped support for opt_dyndns and since I don't have a flat rate any more, I won't do any development on it either. If anybody else wants to take over you are welcome, but be warned: You will get lots of support emails.
The download link for MxFromSq was broken. Why didn't anybody tell me about this? I only found it by chance when looking through the log files.
Several people asked me how my site search works: Its simply a free service offered by Google, which everybody can use. Register for it at Google Search Solutions registrieren. There you will also find instructions on how to set it up.
This site has now got a search function curtesy to Google's sitesearch.
I have again made some changes to the layout (learned a lot when I did the pages of headwork-consulting GmbH ( The similarities in layout are no coincidence. ;-) ). It looks a bit better IMHO. The quote at the top is also new, but I don't think any non German speaker will know where it comes from.
Effective immediately I will drop support and further development of all my FlI4L related OPT packages and HOWTOs. I am tired of people bitching about bad support or bugs or whatever in software they got for free.
Version 2.1.9 of opt_dyndns has been released. Netcat now has got a timeout of 20 seconds and the config program was compiled with the Borland CLX.
My homepage is about to move to a different address. I have set up a mirror which will shortly become the main address at
I have added an overview of the link categories to the navigation bar. It just had become too long and complex.
The links page now has a few entries.
Version 2.1.2 of opt_fetchmail has been released. The package has been adapted to FlI4L 2.0.2 and the configuration should now be easier. If you use a local mail server (e.g. opt_extremail) you need to configure less. If you want to do something more complicated for example forward to a remote SMTP server this is also possible but with a bit more work than before. On the plus side all valid Fetchmail options can be used.
I nearly forgot: It now uses Fetchmail 5.9.6, curtesy of Henri van Riel.
I have added a link on the opt_extremail page to the website of the new maintainer Henri van Riel.
MxXEd/2 and Schedule/2 are now freeware.
Since the topic frequently comes up in the newsgroup I provide opt_perl-twm for download. Please read the warning before downloading it!
Version 2.1.9 of opt_dyndns has been released. There is a new service and a minor problem with FlI4L 2.0.2 has been fixed.
Version 2.1.0 of opt_nologon has been released. It is a new package that disables the console login prompt on FlI4L 2.x.
I have run out of space here so I moved some older versions of opt_dyndns, opt_fetchmail and opt_extremail to a different webserver. You will only notice this, if you try to download these files, the links will point to Special thanks go to Florian Taeger for making this possible.
Version 2.1.8 of opt_dyndns has been released. There is a new service
I have slightly updated the SCSI boot HOWTO for FlI4L which was previously only available from the Fli4L homepage and and made it available here.
Version 2.1.7 of opt_dyndns has been released. The only change is a bugfix in the file 'dyndns.conf' which contained a superfluous line feed.
Version 2.1.6 of opt_dyndns has been released. There is a new service,, and the data for have changed. Two new entries in the troubleshooting section.
I have converted a message that I posted to the area Delphi.ger in Fidonet on 2001-12-25 to html via aft. I make it available here in the hope it might be usefull to somebody. Sorry, this is in German only for now. It is about Object Pascal Interfaces.
Version 2.1.0 of opt_seti-twm is available.
Version 2.1.5 of opt_dyndns has been released. The documentation is now available in html format and some minor bugs have been fixed in the documentation. There are no new features in the actual package! If it already works for you, you don't need to update.
The zip archive of opt_fetchmail 2.1.1 was corrupted because I exceeded the space allocated by my provider for my homepage, I just deleted a few files and uploaded it again. This time the archive is ok, I downloaded and checked it. Thanks to everybody who made me aware of this.

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