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What is MxXEd/2?

MxXEd/2 is a mail editor for Maximus for OS/2 which can be used by bbs users to read and write messages online and also by the sysop to use it offline.

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  • navigation by cursor keys
  • very simple installation, uses the Maximus configuration
  • support for Maximus divisions
  • "Umlaut" conversion for areas without the HiBit flag
  • support for the netmail flags set in the system section (Message Edit Assume/Ask)
  • carrier watchdog and timeout
  • sort order of areas can be changed by the user
  • nodelistlookup with V7(+)-Nodelist
  • context sensitive online help
  • newmail rescan
  • shows *emphasized* , _underlined_ and /italic/ words in different colours
  • shows area rules
  • supports the maximus alias system
  • supplies the missing feature in Maximus: Comment to Cosysop

A picture tells more than a thousand words (and uses a hundred times more memory ;-) ) anyway here are some screenshots.

This all sounds rather ordinary, every message editor has these features (at least some of them ;-) ), but there is no other editor that has them for online users.

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You can download MxXEd/2 here using http.

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Legal status

MxXEd/2 used to be shareware, but I have decided that in an attempt to stop the decline of Fidonet, I make it available as freeware.

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last updated: 2012-10-14 twm
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