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While searching for a chart component for Delphi which comes with source code and doesn't cost an arm and a leg (after the incident from 2003-11-07 I am trying to save some money) I stumbled over Paul Warren's "HomeGrown charts". Since those components were missing some features I needed I extended them significantly. The result can be downloaded here as charts.
Today I got some rather unpleasant mail (What else can you expect from a letter sent by an attorney?): A cease and desist letter because of the map I had on the page on the Kudzu-Meetup.
On 2003-09-20 there will be a Kudzu meetup in Düsseldorf. I will attend.
I found an autosave wizard for the Delphi on CodeCentral and enhanced it a bit. The result is available for download.
Because of the overwhelming demand (two e-mails! ;-) ) I have translated my article on Object Pascal Templates to English. And since I was at it I have added a chapter about "Why not use a code generator?" (to the German version as well).
For my own use I have written a minimalistic KDE imonc client for FlI4L. In case anybody else is interested, see Kymonc.
Together with Johannes Berg I have revived the PasDoc project on sourceforge. PasDoc extracts specially formatted comments from Delphi sources and generates HTML based documentation from it. This output can then be used to generate HTML help, using the freely available HTML help workshop from Microsoft.
The homepage is still a bit short on information but the CVS repository is up to date and so is the download link.
I have partly ported the rxlib to Delphi 7 and provide it here for download.
First, I want to wish everybody a happy new year.
I have made some changes to the syle sheets. The link buttons should now have a vertical gradient. The same applies to the page titles and the logo.
Opt-Seti has found an active maintainer. Thomas Creutz has taken mine and Lars Winkler's versions and improved the package.
Some individuals have used my feedback form to send nasty comments about me and my wife. I have decided that instead of being annoyed I make it a feature. So I present the "Stilblüten" page (currently German only).

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