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I have mentioned it before: I am now working on the GExperts Project in particular on the integration of the Delphi Code Formatting Expert (DelForEx).
You can now download the current development snapshot from here.
Please note: This is an experimental Version.
To install, you must first install the current Beta Version of GExperts and then extract the contents of this archive to the installation directory.
My article about the Object Pascal (Delphi) Templates is the most linked to page on this site. Recently I have written a few more of these templates as part of my work on the Delphi Code Formatting Expert (DelForExp) which will be part of the GExperts Projekt. To make them available to others I have created a new project on BerliOS Logo called dzTemplates for them. Those templates are being released under the Mozilla Public Licence (MPL) 1.1.
I have played a bit with Opera's User Style Sheet feature to make a bit better to use. And of course I have written an article about it.
And since I was at it, I have added my bookmarks to the Bookmarks Page.
The news page was about to become rather long again, so I have split it into years. You can find links to the archive at the bottom of the pages.
The About Page still claimed I was 35, which unfortunately is no longer true. I have also mentioned my new employer and fixed a few broken links.
I have downloaded beta 2.1 of the P2V (physical to virtual) tool from VMware, tried it and wrote a short article about it.
The Borland User Group UK (BUG UK) has published my article on Object Pascal (Delphi) Templates in their Developer's group magazine. Now I am world famous! ;-)
Egbert van Nes has given the source code of his Delphi Code Formatting Expert (DelForExp) to the GExperts Projekt (Thanks Egbert!). Since I have worked with both projects before, I have taken over the maintenance of the formatting engine for now (and have already fixed a few bugs and added support for the syntax extensions of Delphi 7 to 2005). The Source is available from the GExperts CVS Repository. There is no release yet.
dzchart has moved to berliOS. This means that there will now be direct access to the sources via Subversion. Therefore I will stop releasing unstable versions.
In addition I have released the former unstable version - with added Delphi 2005 support - as version 2.1.1.

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