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What is GenerateSecret?

GenerateSecret is a small utility to generate the secret needed by opt-dyndns. Since the guy who has taken over maintenance of opt-dyndns for some reason does no longer include the configuration program but also apparently the means to generate the secret provided by the new package is not easy to understand, I provide this utility to make this easier.

GenerateSecret is of course written with Borland Delphi, source code is included in the archive.

Note: I am tired that some people, to whom I gave my software for free, are bitching about that it contains bugs, that I take too much time for providing updates or bugfixes or that I don't answer support requests or answer them arrogantly. Therefore I will, effective immediately, stop any support and further development. The packages will still be available for download as they currently exist, but I will no longer answer any emails, accept bug reports or even fix any bugs. There will be no adaptations to new versions of FlI4L unless I need them for myself, and in that latter case there will no updated documentation, if I make the updates available at all.

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GenerateSecret has got exactly one function: It generates the secret for opt-dyndns using username and password.

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latest version / aktuelle Version

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Legal status

GenerateSecret is distributed as freeware. You may use it at your own risk for any purpose. Source code is included.

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last updated: 2012-10-14 twm
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