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Starting immediately there will be a new unstable archive of my chart component for Delphi 7 and Kylix 3 when ever there is a change. Please note that this source is not guaranteed to compile nor work.
A new version of my chart component for Delphi 7 and Kylix 3 is available.
My current offer on ebay (a ZIP+ drive) has been sold.
Since Map24 now has a new page layout, which in my opinion is unusable, I have removed the form that linked to them. Instead I give a few links to actually usable route planners.
A new version of Kymonc is available for download. Basically the only change is that installing the libborqt libraries is no longer necessary. Just copy the file from the tar archive to any directory in the path, that's it. How to create such a stand alone executable for a Kylix program is described in this article.
The problem with Kylix is that the executables it creates always need the shared library libborqt. But this file isn't automatically loaded from the current directory. I present a possible solution for this in my new article.
Happy new year 2004 to everybody!
I have updated the SCSI boot HOWTO for FlI4L to reflect the latest fli4l version 2.0.8.

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