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There aren't that many links here. I don't know whether I will ever extend this list.

The case against C
by P.J. Moylan
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
The University of Newcastle,
N.S.W. 2308, Australia
This is a very well written article which all C (and C++) enthusiasts should read. Also those Delphi programmers who have to listen to all that crap that their C++ using friends and collegues usually use instead of real arguments when it comes to selecting a programming language should read this. My favorite quote:

The conciseness of C code is also a popular feature. C programmers seem to feel that being able to write a statement like


is a major argument in favour of using C, since it saves keystrokes. A cynic might suggest that the saving will be offset by the need for additional comments, but a glance at some typical C programs will show that comments are also considered to be a waste of keystrokes, even among so-called professional programmers.

Delphi 5 vs Visual C++ 6
by John M. Jacobson
This is a rather fair comparison between Delphi 5 and Visual C++ 6, which reflects my own view quite nicely. But I like Delphi better anyway. ;-)

Webmake is a template system for generating static HTML pages with a common look and feel. If you have been wondering how I am maintaining these pages, Webmake is the answer.

AFT means almost free text and is a program which generates HTML (and other formats) from almost free text. The almost means that you need to add some very minimal formatting to the text. I have used it to write my Delphi articles and the FlI4L HOWTOs.

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