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What is Schedule/2?

Schedule/2 is a 32 bit multithreaded textmode scheduler for OS/2 2.1 and Warp. Administration can be done remotely by means of a named pipe.

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  • Uses very little memory and cpu time because of text mode and 32 bit multithreaded architecture
  • Remote administration using a named pipe
  • Can start all types of programs
  • Programs can be started once or periodically (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • All actions are protocolled on screen and to a log file

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The archive is about 40 KByte in size, you can download it from here using http.

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Legal status

Schedule/2 used to be shareware, but it has never created a single cent of income for me. If you are one of the few still running OS/2 and want to use this program, no problem: It is now freeware and I have removed the code that used to check for a registration key.

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last updated: 2012-10-14 twm
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