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Experimental GExperts Version 1.30-2006-11-05 released
Somebody in the Delphi newsgroups reminded me that I have wanted to store the capitalization word list as a file again. I have now implemented this. In addition I fixed a minor bug in the capitalization dialog.
You can download the new version from the GExperts page.
Experimental GExperts Version 1.30-2006-11-01 released
I have added a new page with a short description of the experimental GExperts version. And since I was at it I have also compiled the latest sources. The new version is now based on the sources of the official GExperts 1.30 release.
Experimental GExperts Version 1.30-2006-10-22 released
As usual it took too long, but that's what happens with real life interfering. ;-) Here you go, a brand new experimental Version of GExperts with Code Formatter.
There are two changes this time:
  1. The dll is now available in two versions, one contains the formatter as a regular expert as it used to be, the other one contains it as an editor expert. It's a matter of personal preference which one you want to use, both have got the same functionality.
  2. Sometimes bookmarks were lost during formatting, this should now be fixed.
This version is based on the bleeding edge code from the GExperts repository, this can be a good thing or not. ;-)
rxlib sourceforge project
Some time ago I have taken over the rxlib project on sourceforge to provide a central place for anybody who uses this classic of all component libraries for Delphi. Now there is a matching homepage even though it is still rather basic. now as newsfeed
If you always hated the fact that you had to come here to see whether there is something new, now here is the solution: A newsfeed (German, English). Now you can have a program do that task or e.g.
These newsfeeds are automatically generated by feed43 from the HTML of this page. That is very simple to set up and works with any page that has a decent structure.
Hotfix Rollup for BDS with side effects
Borland / DevCo / DTG has released a Hotfix Rollup for BDS 4.0 (aka Delphi 2006). It is also meant for the "Turbo" products and has got an unpleasent side effect on them: The "Explorer Edition" does no longer load DLL based experts like GExperts. Maybe even worse, also Andreas Hausladen's DelphiSpeedUp does not work any more. I guess this ends all speculations that the loophole in the "Explorer Editions" had been left in on purpose. This limitation does not not apply to the "Professional Edition".
The Turbos are there
Let me be the last to write about it. ;-)
Borland / DevCo / DTG (they still have no final name) has released something they call the "Turbos", which means that it is a version of the Borland Developer Studio that is fully functional but only supports one of the four programming languages of the full BDS. There are Turbo Delphi, Turob Delphi for dotNET, Turbo C++ and Turbo C#.
And what's the best: There is a free version called "Explorer Edition" that can be downloaded from It has only one real restriction as compared to the "Professional Edition", which can be bought from Borland: It does not allow you to install additional component packages or package based IDE experts (DLL based experts like GExperts work though). That's not too bad given that it includes the full range of the standard VCL components and that you can still instantiate additional components in code.
"Free" in this case means, that it doesn't cost you any money and you can pretty much use it for any kind of development you like, which explicitly includes commercial use. It does not mean that is is Open Source, though.
RIP Andrew Ian Walker is dead, he died 2006-08-23
Andy was one of my collegues at fPrint UK Ltd. and Peregrine Systems. He was a guest at my wedding (he is the one on the left hand side on the photo whith the guests from abroad) and he was the one, who scanned all those photos for me. He would have been my Best Man if he knew enough German for that. Andy was a nice and reliable collegue and friend, we - my wife Monika and I and everybody who know him - will miss him. The world is a poorer place without him.
Pseudo Templates Feedback
I am thrilled! Several people apparently actually use templates based on the principle outlined in my article about Pseudo Templates in Delphi. If you are one of them, I'd like to hear from you.
Maybe it would be a good idea to collect those templates somewhere and provide them for download.
Small modification of the site
Somehow a few of the pages had become accessible only via the search function, e.g. the article about the Opera User Style Sheet for I took that as a cause to rearrange the link structure of the site and I hope everything can now be accessed again.
dzTemplates 1.0.2 released
I have just released version 1.0.2 of dzTemplates. Most changes are minor bugfixes. Please read the Readme file!
Experimental GExperts Version 1.30-2006-05-01 released
It took me a while but here it is, a new experimental version of GExperts with the Code Formatter.
Apart from a few bugfixes there is a new feature: With {GXFormatter.config=<name>} in the first line of a unit you can force a particular formatter configuration to be used. this is convenient if you are working with source from different projects using different formatting styles.
Expert for using the Delphi 7 help in BDS
I have written an expert for using the Delphi 7 (or older) online help from within BDS 2005 / 2006 instead of the rather poor OLH that comes with BDS.
Download from CodeCentral incl. sources.
Experimental GExperts Version 1.30-2006-02-19 released
OK, I promised it and I keep my promises. Here is a new experimental version of GExperts with the Code Formatter.
Currently I have no idea what exactly is different from the last version (its late), but this time I remembered to turn off debugging. Maybe that really helps with some oddities.
Experimental GExperts Version 1.30-2006-01-14 released
It took me a week longer than I thought, but it is there now, a new experimental version of GExperts with the Code Formatter.
I have fixed the bug that made (* followed by a line feed truncate the source code and also added support for some new Delphi 2006 language extensions, in particular the methods and operators for records.
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