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MxXEd/2 screenshots
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In the area list, containing some areas and some divisions (green). Note that the number of all/new messages for a division are also displayed.
What's the point in looking at screen shots with graphics disabled? ;-)

In the message list of a big message area. Note that the path to the area is displayed in the upper right corner.
Message List
Online help and the area rules are available.

Reading a message. Note that messages which refer to the current message are displayed with their number and can be accessed via the + and - keys.
Reading a Message

Looking up a node by name in the nodelist (by nodenumber is also possible). MxXEd/2 supports Version 7 and Version 7+ nodelist formats which are not fully implemented in Maximus.
Looking up a Name

And all this is available for online users as well as for the sysop.

last updated: 2012-10-14 twm
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