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What is TWM-TCP/IP?

TwmTcpip is a package of object oriented Pascal units which makes it much easier to access sockets under TCP/IP. The archive contains source code, pre compiled units for Virtual Pascal v2.0 for OS/2 as well as for Win32 and two sample programs precompiled for OS/2 and Win32.
The files use long file names so you must use HPFS (or FAT32 with the driver form Hank Kelder) under OS/2.

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The following is an incomlete list of features:

  • Low level functions to access the DLLs SO32DLL and TCP32DLL (OS/2) respectively WSOCK32 (Win32) directly.
  • A tSocket class which provides a much more convenient interface for that
  • An abstract tSockClient class which can easily be extended to write client programs for socket oriented services
  • An implementation of such a client: tPop3Client, a class to retrieve emails from a Pop3 (post office protocol version 3) server.
  • Another implementation: tSmtpClient, a class to send emails to a SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) server.
  • Two sample programs which use the two mentined classes
  • Comprehensive online documentation in English in VPH (Virtual Pascal Help) format.

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The archive is about 150 KByte in size, it can be downloaded from here using http.

The two example programs (GETPOP3 and PUTSMTP, 40 KByte for each operating system) are separately available and can be downloaded using http from here for OS/2 and for Win32.

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Legal status

The package is supplied as is. There is no warranty of any kind.
You may use and redistribute this package free of charge as long as you give proper credit.
You must not distribute modified versions under the same name.
If you distribute a modified version state clearly what has been modified and by whom. You must also make the original package available.
If you find bugs you can keep them - um - please send me a report. If you find a way to fix the bug please send me the fix as well.

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last updated: 2012-10-14 twm
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