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Mx from Sq
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What is Mx from Sq?

Mx from Sq is a ReXX script, which reads echo area entries from the SQUISH.CFG and creates a file ECHOAREA.CFG out of them. This file can then be used by Maximus 3.x. Areas can be grouped by tag and/or zone. Each group gets common attributes like

  • Readlevel
  • Writelevel
  • Keys
  • Origin

It is also possible to exclude areas from the ECHOAREA.CFG file. Area descriptions are taken from an additional file (e.g. FIDOGER.NA).

Version 3.01 supports the new division feature in Maximus 3.x. The above mentioned groups can themselves be assigned to divisions. The documentation describes only version 1.1 but it should not be too difficult to figure out how to use 3.01 by looking at the sample configuration.

Please note: The documentation in both archives is in German. It also includes a sample configuration and the source code so it should not be too difficult for non German speakers to figure out how to use it. If you translate the documentation, please send it to me so I can include it in the archive.

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  • ReXX Script, source included
  • Saves the sysop the hassle of adding areas manually
  • Support for Maximus divisions
  • Descriptions are taken from a standard description file

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Both archives are about 20 KByte in size, Mx from Sq version 1.1 can be downloaded from here using http. Version 3.01 is available here using http.

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Legal status

The package is supplied as is. There is no warranty of any kind.
You may use and redistribute this package free of charge as long as you give proper credit.
You must not distribute modified versions under the same name.
If you distribute a modified version state clearly what has been modified and by whom. You must also make the original package available.
If you find bugs you can keep them - um - please send me a report. If you find a way to fix the bug please send me the fix as well.

Mx from Sq is based on the idea of "Squish to Max" from Lutz Buchheister, Ralph Theren and Dieter Rautenstengel but is a complete rewrite. (I would like to have a link to "Squish to Max" here but I don't have a url.)

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last updated: 2012-10-14 twm
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