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What is Kymonc?

Kymonc is a Linux/KDE program for controlling FlI4L. It differs from most similar programs by minimizing the screen resources. It uses only a 16x32 pixel window which is displayed "always on top" and in on of the four corners screen, so the button for going online/offline can be hit very easily (principle of the "mile high menu"). A context menu provides additional functions. Alternatively it can be put into the KDE system tray.

I have written Kymonc for using it with DSL and without imond password. I have no idea whether it is usable with ISDN but that wasn't the goal anyway. If you have got a DSL flat rate this program won't do much for you, but most people don't really need a flat rate but can save a lot of money by using a time or volume based tariff. (I myself use a 1 GB volume tariff from 1&1.)

Kymonc is written with Borland Kylix/Delphi 3.0. That means that it is inacceptable for the open source zealots. ;-) I wrote it for my own use, just because I needed a small project to get familiar with Kylix. The sources are available upon request and is not part of the download. The program uses a few non free libaries but it should not be difficult to replace them with others.

The latest version uses Makeself to generate a stand alone executable. The additional download of the libborqt libraries described in the next paragraph is no longer necessary.

Like I said, Kymonc is written with Kylix and therefore needs the libborqt libarary (Borlands version of the QT libaries). I you haven't installed it you can download the additional tar archive. Just extract both archive into a directory and execute the script startkymonc.

Note: I am tired that some people, to whom I gave my software for free, are bitching about that it contains bugs, that I take too much time for providing updates or bugfixes or that I don't answer support requests or answer them arrogantly. Therefore I will, effective immediately, stop any support and further development. The packages will still be available for download as they currently exist, but I will no longer answer any emails, accept bug reports or even fix any bugs. There will be no adaptations to new versions of FlI4L unless I need them for myself, and in that latter case there will no updated documentation, if I make the updates available at all.

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Kymonc is primarily for switching the FlI4L router online/offline. Some other functions are:

  • Switch dialo mode between manual and automatic.
  • Shutdown and restart the router.
  • Display the current online state and dial mode.

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latest version / aktuelle Version
older versions / ältere Versionen

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Legal status

Kymonc is freeware. Use it at your own risk. The source code - with the exception of a few commercial libraries - is availabe upon request.

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last updated: 2012-10-14 twm
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